Shower Faucets to Match Different Styles of Bathroom Guide Suggestions

A faucet can be defined as something that regulates the flow of liquid. Therefore, a shower faucet regulates the flow of water in your bathroom. It can be complex or simple, depending on your needs. A simple rain shower system may only consist of a temperature/flow adjustment and the showerhead. Sometimes the faucet may also come with the pipe that the showerhead connects to. This is not a must because, at times, showerheads are sold alone to be fixed to the current pipe configuration. Based on the style and type of shower faucet you select, you may have one knob or lever that controls the temperature and flow. On top of that, you can either have combined cold and hot temperature knobs or individuals.

Shower Faucets to Match Different Styles of Bathroom

When building a new bathroom or renovating the current one, you need to consider the type of shower faucet you will install. Note that shower faucets come in different styles and designs, and you need to be knowledgeable about them to make an informed decision. You will definitely like to choose a shower faucet with the right finish and style to compliment your bathroom’s décor, right? You are not alone because this has also been the desire of many homeowners. We have come up with a guide to help you select shower faucets that match your bathroom décor and the finish of other fixtures in your bathroom.

As aforementioned, shower faucets are available in a wide variety. You should have in mind that most of the time, the small details that many overlook bring about the difference between a stunning bathroom and an average one. On your pursuit to find the right shower faucet, you will realize a wide range of finishes for anyone who wishes to perform a bathroom remodeling. Some of the finishes have been there for many years, and they have not lost their popularity. An example is a chrome-plated finish. This is a kind of finish normally applied over the brass components of a faucet, giving it a durable, attractive look. You can look for more information concerning the chrome-plated finish shower faucets and see whether they will match your bathroom décor. However, even without searching for the information, this finish is highly likely to match your décor because it goes well with various styles and designs. Another popular shower faucet finish is the brushed metal finish. Shower faucets made of this finish look adorable on countertops made of slate or granite and white bathroom sink. See to it the color of the faucet goes well with the color of other features in your bathroom. You can search for other popular finishes because such finishes are likely to compliment any bathroom decor.

Bath shower mixer installation guide

If you will be installing new pipes, you will need to do this first, and if you are inexperienced, it is recommended that you consult a professional plumber. If you plan to keep costs and labor down and take advantage of existing plumbing work, you can install a new shower mixer yourself.

Once filled with water, your shower mixer will be quite heavy, so make sure your floors can support this weight in the first step. Check with a professional if you’re unsure as this is important.

Bath shower mixer installation guide

1. The first step is to prepare the shower mixer. You will likely have a support frame that needs to be installed before installing the shower mixer in the bathroom – turning the shower mixer upside down will make this step easier. Make sure you install the structure according to the manufacturer’s instructions and align the legs correctly: when the bathroom shower mixer is in the right position, the legs will adjust to provide good support for the shower mixer despite any uneven floors in the shower bathroom.

Mixers will be tricky to install once the bathroom shower mixer is in place, so you should go ahead with that. A bathroom shower mixer is likely designed to have a built-in drain and drain. The mixers are positioned above a rubber gasket that ensures water-tightness between the mixers and the shower mixer in the bathroom; Then it is fixed from below. Use a small amount of silicone to seal around the overflow and drain. Mixers will be connected to your water pipe using pieces of flexible tubing.

2. At this point, it is necessary to adjust the legs to make small adjustments so that the shower mixer in the bathroom is level. Use a spirit level to check – don’t rely on your naked eye. It is recommended to place your feet on the boards to distribute the weight over the larger bathroom shower stall floor area as the bathroom shower mixer will be very heavy when full of water. Then it’s time to close the edge of the shower mixer. First make sure your bathroom shower mixer and adjacent wall are clean and free of dirt and grease, lubricate the joint with hygienic sealant, then dip your finger in the soapy water and run it over the fresh sealant. This will ensure that the sealant is smooth and that there are no gaps at the edges.

3. The shower hose will come out of your mixer and you will need to install a lift rail on the wall to support the showerhead. The bar allows you to raise and lower the showerhead so that both tall and short family members can comfortably fit in the shower area: make sure the bar is set at a height that will allow it to perform this function correctly.

4. You will also need to attach a shower screen level to the outside edge of your shower mixer to protect your bathroom shower head from shower mist while you shower. Measure carefully to make sure the screen will be flush with the edge of the bathroom shower mixer, preventing water from seeping over the edge onto the floor.


Finally, remember that these are just general tips: you should always follow the specific installation instructions provided by the manufacturer of your shower mixer. That why the best in selling shower mixers that have installation manual.

Homelody Shower Faucets Perfectly Decorate Your Bathroom

Homebody faucets meet all bathroom needs. Their products range from bathroom faucets, bathroom accessories, to popular collections. If you are renovating your bathroom and looking for that luxurious touch, then you should seriously consider Homelody Duscharmatur. This article will highlight the variety of Homelody shower faucets you can choose from and the categories they fall into. are here:

Bathroom faucets:

Homelody shower faucets are the perfect faucets to ensure the elegant and sophisticated look of your bathroom. They come in various combinations such as Sink Faucets, Basin Faucets, Shower Faucets, Shower Faucets, Clawfoot Tub Filler Faucets, Deck Mounted Sink Faucets, Bathroom Accessories, Bathroom Accessories, Valve Accessories for shower only, volume controls, thermostatic valve accessories, and bidet faucets. They are all of the highest quality and guaranteed to add that luxurious look to your bathroom.

Shower and tub fronts that have the same combination as the tub faucet will match perfectly. If you prefer a little variation, several pieces would complement each other well. Shower faucets are available with a high or low arc spout and up to three handles. Again, personal preference will play the biggest role in determining what is best for you. If you’re a parent or grandparent, the convenient Homelody child safety lock might be a feature worth considering.

Homelody Shower Faucets

Shower supplies:

Homelody’s shower accessories feature the following products: shower heads, tissue holders, hand showers, body sprays, soap dishes, robe hooks, towel bars, shelves, towel rings, and tub slots. You will be surprised by how elegant and sophisticated these bathroom accessories can look. They can turn your bathroom into a magical piece of art and come in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes to fit any bathroom. Again, the price varies depending on the model.

Remember that a bathroom faucet is often the finishing touch to your well-planned and decorated bathroom. No matter what your decorating style, there will be a faucet that exactly meets your specifications and needs. When you buy a Homelody product, you will be more than satisfied with the quality and workmanship. Beautify your bathroom with ease by replacing old faucets with newer ones.


Homelody is a respected brand known for providing high-quality and durable products. With faucets available for all your bathroom accessories at a wide range of prices, there will be a product to suit your style and budget. Homelody produces over twenty different faucet collections, including traditional, contemporary, and basic styles. It is the ultimate brand and best for product your bathroom needs. It will surely guarantee elegance for your decoration. The good thing is, you can easily install Homelody shower faucets without having to call in an expensive plumber to do the job for you. Often, a faucet replacement is all it takes to fix a leaky shower, although you may get tired of your faucet and look for a replacement. Either way, a simple replacement procedure can save you a hundred dollars or more on plumbing. What are you waiting for? Go for Homelody decorative shower faucets and enjoy.

DIY Your Own Bathroom Design Style

A good shower is essential to your physical and mental health. Choosing a perfect mitigeur colonne de douche for your DIY project is crucial. You should get a shower that works as you expect and performs satisfactorily. When buying your shower faucet, there are many factors to consider, including the styles, finishes, and materials. This article is dedicated to helping you choose the right shower faucet for your bathroom.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shower Faucet

1. Shower Faucet Configuration and Type

The main faucet configuration is a solo shower head and an all-in-one combination with both the bathtub faucet and shower tap.

There are five categories of shower taps available in the market, and they include:

• Rain showers

This type of shower is large and flat. They spray water straight down, and thus they are usually suspended directly above the user.

• Single-head spray shower

Single-head spray showers have about four individual nozzles that help distribute water as the user takes a shower. These individual nozzles are adjustable, and they adjust by using a small lever that alters the water flow pattern.

• Hand-held shower heads

A hand-held shower has a single head sprayer that is connected to a flexible pipe. This shower is very helpful and perfect when cleaning the hair and other areas which are hard to reach. It’s also best for people with limited mobility and those that will need to sit when taking a shower.

• Body spray shower faucets

A body spray shower faucet has multiple spray heads, which are usually integrated into the shower wall. The heads are either flat or compact nozzles.

• Multiple showerheads

The multiple or dual shower heads have more than one showerhead, and they’re controlled by a single set of levels wall-mounted. A diverter valve allows one to use one of the showerheads or both simultaneously.

DIY Bathroom Design Style

2. Check the Water Pressure

Determining your home’s water pressure is crucial before buying the faucet. The water pressure for most shower faucets ranges between 40 and 60 pounds per square inch (psi). Testers are available in most hardware stores which you can insert onto the shower arm, and they’ll help determine the water pressure of your home.

You should consider other important factors, including old pipes, clogs, and leaks since they can cause low water pressure.

3. Consider Accessories

When buying your shower faucet, you should consider getting several accessories which include:

• Head showers

A head shower helps make cleaning the bathtub easier. Thus, you’ll need to install a hand shower on your wall.

• Diverters

Diverters are used to move the water to the showerhead from the spout, and they’re usually located are the showerhead. You have to pull the diverter upward to activate the showerhead.

• Pressure-balancing valves

These valves are used to maintain the current water temperature when the water pressure drops suddenly.

• Anti-scald valves

This valve helps protect from extreme water temperatures.

4. Find Something in Your Budget

Finding a shower faucet within your budget is important in successfully completing your bathroom DIY. There are many faucets available, and the prices vary greatly as well depending on the size, model, and material. You should get a shower head that is within your budget.

5. Choose the Right Type of Valve

Thermostatic shower valve and pressure balance valve are the main types available; the thermostatic valve has two handles where one controls the water quantity and the other controls the water temperature.

This enables one to change water flow while maintaining temperature, which is essential for children and the elderly using the bathroom. The pressure balance valve one control that balances the water pressure and volume.

6. Bathroom Layout

The bathroom layout is essential when purchasing a shower faucet. You should measure the bathroom space to get a shower head that fits the size and shape of your bathroom.

Determining your bathroom style is important since it’s the busiest room in your home, especially during rush hours. You should ensure the shower faucet fits your bathroom seamlessly to meet the function. The good thing is that there are many styles and finishes available, so you’ll easily get one that meets your taste.


When doing a DIY for your bathroom, you’ll need to consider the shower faucet keenly. Bathroom layout, your budget, valve, type of shower head, and configuration are important factors to consider when buying a shower faucet.

cheap & easy bedroom wall art


My bedroom walls were looking a little plain & sad so I decided to make some simple pieces to bring in some fun & color to our bedroom this past weekend. My first instinct would be to paint the walls but because we are renting I have to think of other ways to brighten up the boring tannish walls. I am on a pretty non-existent decorating budget so here are some simple, inexpensive ideas to jazz up your walls.



1. Fabric Fringe Garland – I posted this fringe garland diy (by Prudent Baby) on my recent Fringe Frenzy post. It is a super simple no-sew diy. I chose 4 cotton solid fabrics from Hobby Lobby & got 1 yard of each (I think they were only a couple of dollars per yard). I cut my fabric 18 x 22 inches to get exactly 4 tassels from each yard.


2. Framed Photo Booth Photos – I cheated & used the IncrediBooth iphone app to take these photobooth strips (real photobooth photos would be even better!). I printed them out on my home printer & cut them out. I attached them with double stick tape to a white mat board & used an 8 x 10 frame I had on hand to display them. I love that it will be easy to change them out with new photo strips as time goes on.


3. & 4. Hanging Camera & Print – It’s no surprise that I use my large camera collection to add fun & dimension to a few rooms in my house. (ex. my vintage camera display & my other camera display) I love the size of the mini Diana & it’s one of my favorite cameras to shoot film with. I used my toy camera strap diy to make this yellow braided strap & I thought the colors fit perfectly with my new bedroom decor. The Polaroid Print by Handz was a birthday gift from my sweet brother & sister-in-law & I used a .99 cent Pants Hanger from Ikea to hang it. (much cheaper than a frame & just as pretty)


5. Written Word Wall Canvas – I bought this blank canvas from the craft store (for 50% off) awhile back with a few different projects in mind. I originally saw this idea on pinterest & thought it would be perfect for this grouping. I used a black paint pen that I had in my craft supplies. I chose some of the lyrics from the song “More Than Words” by Extreme, we danced to this song at our wedding & now it serves as a permanent reminder over our bed that actions mean so much more than words. Showing we love each other is just as important as saying it.


6. Painted Letters – Ridiculously simple – I just got the cardboard letters from the craft store & painted them with blue acrylic paint. I cut out a small hole in the back to attach them to the wall with a push pin.


7. Metal Photo Clips – I had these small metal clips on hand, found in an office supply store or the office section of Target. I hung them on a small nail. I love changing out photos & little notes so I thought these would be perfect! The photos were taken with the Hipstamatic app & printed out on our home printer.


Voila!! Simple & inexpensive wall decor! It’s made such a difference to our bedroom & we are loving it! hugs & cheek pecks, Meghan

Little Home Tour :: Part Two

Our living room area is a big space so I created a little sitting area & a place for my records & record player to break up the space a bit & to create the feeling of two separate but cohesive living areas. We spend the most time in here together as a family, watching movies & such, so we prefer it to be as comfortable as possible! I’m sure I’ll be changing this space up often, it’s a fun space to decorate. I hope you enjoy taking a little peek into our living room….

Little Home Tour :: Part Two

Little Home Tour :: Part Two

Little Home Tour :: Part Two

I had some left over vinyl contact paper from my Chevron Striped Fridge project, so I cut out a smaller chevron pattern to add to these vintage suitcases. I used scissors & hand-cut them this time to make the stripes look more “hand-drawn”.

Little Home Tour :: Part Two

I had this film & camera display hung in our old house as well. It’s the perfect place to house all of the film cameras that I still like to use & easy access, so I can just grab a camera & some film on the way out the door. (not all who wander are lost poster from the wheatfield)

Little Home Tour :: Part Two

Little Home Tour :: Part Two

Little Home Tour :: Part Two

Little Home Tour :: Part Two

Little Home Tour :: Part Two

I grew up with a Carrom board, so when I moved out of my parents house my mom found me a similar vintage one (with all the pieces!!) & gifted it to me so I would have one in my home as well. We spent hours playing with ours growing up, it’s such a fun little game board! Here is some more information on Carrom boards if you’re interested. I will do a post on the main game we used to play with ours, it’s basically like finger pool. (so fun to play with friends!)

Little Home Tour :: Part Two

Little Home Tour :: Part Two

Can we talk about our new-ish couch for a second?!? I just love this couch…its a herringbone print & I found it for a really decent price at Rooms-to-Go, of all places. I was going to wait until we got to Colorado & settled before I decided for sure on a couch, but I found out there were no Rooms-to-Go’s out west & I just couldn’t get this little herringbone couch out of my mind. I convinced Creed to let me get it with some of my saved up birthday & christmas monies & they delivered it just days before we headed out west…ha! I really do love it & am so glad I went ahead & got it!

Little Home Tour :: Part Two

Little Home Tour :: Part Two

Little Home Tour :: Part Two

My pug love runs deep, so much so, that it overflows on to our walls! The unframed pug art is from Retro Whale, the Knitty Knitty print is by Ashley G, the Why Won’t You Love Me? print is by Julia Pott, the “Olive” pug embroidery is handmade by me – pattern by Sublime Stitching (I need to make Razzle one, too) & the pug painting was done by a little old lady that did portraits in exchange for donations for the Humane Society in GA. I wish I still had her contact info…Well, that’s all for now. Once I get our bedroom in order, I will do another little tour of it! Thanks for looking! hugs & cheek pecks, meghan ♥

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Chevron Stripe Fridge DIY


You may remember my striped wall from our old house. Ohhhhh, how I loved those stripes! Well now that we are renting & unable to paint the walls, I wanted to incorporate some stripes into our new house & I did so by adding a little pizzaz to our boring black refrigerator! The kitchen is the first room you see when you walk in our apartment, so this adds a fun focal point when you first walk in the door! I love how it turned out! It’s so simple, very inexpensive & easily removed, here is how I did it:






White Contact paper – I got mine at Target in the drawer liner section for a few bucks
Measuring tape & T square ruler
Scissors or X-acto knife



1. I measured the width of our fridge & included extra for the sides of the doors so I could wrap the stripes around.
2. I cut five pieces of contact paper to the desired width.
3. I decided I wanted 3 big peaks on the front so I drew a grid pattern with my t-square by dividing the contact paper into 6 squares across & 3 down. I connected the points of intersection to create the zig zag pattern.
4. I lined all 5 sheets of contact paper together & taped them down to the table so I could cut out all 5 at the same time. (I only ended up using 5 stripes for the fridge, this will make 10, I wanted extras just in case.)
5. I carefully cut out the chevron stripes with my straight edge & x-acto knife.



6. Once they were all cut out, I placed a marker on the mid-point of the front of our fridge & very gently applied each stripe.

& that’s it!! Super easy, cheap & fun!!



I love how much big character it adds to my little kitchen & it’s perfect for renters because the contact paper easily peels off & leaves no residue!! I would love to see photos if you try this too! Let me know if you have any questions. xoxo. meghan

kitchen chalkboard wall

A couple of months ago I decided to use some left over chalkboard paint to paint a wall in our kitchen/dining nook. I love how it turned out & I enjoy changing it every month. I decided I would start documenting each time I change it starting this month. I really have way too much fun drawing on it & probably spend too much time doing so. This month, my design was heavily inspired by the amazing work of Dana Tanamachi (her chalk work is really stunning). Here are some peeks…

Don’t forget to enter my little blog birthday giveaway (if you haven’t already)! I forgot to mention is was open to international readers as well! ♥

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