Create Your Own Custom Apple Watch Bands

DIY: Create Your Own Custom Apple Watch Bands

The watch bands which are branded Apple can cost you a lot of money. Coming up are some tips on creating your own Custom Apple Watch Bands, which are more stylish and save your money.

In the watch markets, you will find many attractive apple watches. The challenge always comes when you realize that some of them have just the logo branded but are not original ones. You should be careful when buying them because some may be fake. Of course, if you just want to buy high-quality third-party Apple Watch bands, check out this website.

That should not worry you because I got a simple way that is not difficult to master. Apple-branded watches are not that difficult to make as all you need is the lugs and a shelf band. We will discuss the tools and equipment required to make watchbands, how you will bring them together, and other methods you can apply when making them.

Create Your Own Custom Apple Watch Bands

Materials you will Use

Apple band watches consist of; lugs and old bands of watches.

We can start by narrowing down the lugs. These lugs come in different varieties. They all differ in colors as some are black while others can have a black color. Some lugs are simple and precisely resemble those of Apple’s watches, while others look like ancient times. Tools can fix not all lugs, some require fingernails, and you are good to go.

The watch bands also come when their sizes differ from each other. Some of them may be angled, and the rest tamper. It will make work easy for you when you choose the flat ones. The flat ones have a small hole in which the lug is fixed. Also, the size of the watch bands goes hand in hand with the size of the lugs. You should always measure their dimensions to ensure that they are of the same size.

You can always measure to know the size of both the lugs and the band. Although, for the lugs, their sizes are permanently marked for easy identification without measuring. After identifying the types and sizes of both lugs and the shelf bands you will require, it will not be difficult to assemble them and create your own Custom Apple Watch bands.

How to put them together

Finally, you can choose the sizes that suit you the most. Let us see how you will put them together.

For the rough lugs, no need to apply any tool. You have to possess a pin that will be inserted in the hole on the bottom side. Then you interject the lug onto the opposite side of the pin. Then press the pin downwards to be on the opposite side of the lug.

You should have a screwdriver to loosen and tighten the screws of the lugs. Use the driver to open the screws and slide the band through the small space. After that, you can tighten it back to hold on to the band tightly.

Making the lugs together with bands on your own will not limit you to the styles that you are interested in personally. It will allow you to try different styles and colors that maybe you cannot find in Apple’s brand shops and markets.

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