DIY Apple Watch Band

The apple watch bands are quite expensive. This guide will direct you on how to construct your watch and thus get to save money. Besides, there are different styles from where you may make your selection from. Out there, you will come through different kinds of unique Apple watch bands. However, the main problem is that these products are not present for use by the Apple watch. Their markings are down purely since they are claiming that they are specific for use by Apple Watch. This review will give you adequate information on all you ought to learn about the use of the DIY Apple Watch Bands you will see in cxsbands . The items that you should ensure you have before you start using an Apple watch band include:


  • Strap Apple watch connectors
  • Elastic with your desired size
  • Fabric
  • Thread Sewing machine


  1. Cut the fabric. If you want a scrunchie with a medium-size, ensure you have a fabric with a length of 18 inches and a height of four inches.
  2. When you cut out the fabric, get to fold it and put the right sides in place. In this case, you will get to sew in the edges and thus form a long tube. Thus, there is a need to turn the fabric by ensuring the right side is out.
  3. Hold the elastic. The elastic need to have a similar size as the wrist measurements. You ought to put the safety pin on the elastic side. Also, use a straight pin or a safety pin that acts as an attachment on the sides of the tube end.
  4. The rest of the elastic parts are fed through the pin and tube in the tube end.
  5. Pick the band watch connector and get to feed it to the sides.
  6. When the procedure is done on the other ends, you will finish the process.

DIY Apple Watch Band


Put Them Together

 When you pick the band and lugs, you will be ready for the assembly process. As you use the lugs with a rugged style, you do not require to use tools. Thus, get to insert the pogo pin in the watchband end. One of the ends of the pin is put in the lug inside as you press the other side while inserting in the lug’s inner side. Though the process is quite knacky, it is much easier for one to engage in the process with the help of fingernails. Also, there are flat head mini screwdrivers and watch tool that helps a lot.


Comes in Many Options

Ensure you come up with a way that you will put the band in place. In this process, you will realize there are different kinds of options that are at your disposal. This implies the watch will get the chance of representing a given style without any kind of limits from the steep markups and Apple Watch market. Another thing, the silicone Barton strap comes in a two-tone and subtle design accompanied by a locking system. This way, it can avoid it from loosening up as you engage in different workouts. The strap ends get tapered down to fit perfectly in the wrist curvature. Thus, it will be more comfortable compared to all the other kinds of silicone Apple Watch bands.


Change and Remove of Bands

Ensure you press the band release button present on the Apple Watch. Also, ensure you slide the watchband across and later on remove it. When this process is done, you will slide your new band in with minimal effort. At all times, ensure there is no time in which you will get to force your brand into a slot. In case you face challenges in insertion or removal of the band, consider pressing the release button once more.


Band Fastening

When you wish to have optimal performance, ensure the Apple Watch gets to fit in the right manner on the wrist. If you wish to acquire great results, the Apple Watch back requires skin contact with great features. These features consist of a heart rate sensor, haptic notifications, and a wrist detection product. You should always wear a watch band with the right fit. In this case, you ought to ensure the band is not too loose or too tight. Thus, our room will have extra space to help you breathe in the right manner. You will have a lot of comfort and the sensors will perform the job with minimal effort. Additionally, the sensor will work best after one wears an Apple Watch on the wrist top.



You can now comfortably make a DIY Apple Watch Band. Follow these instructions well and you will be delighted with the result. Thus, you will be certain of high quality and long-lasting band.

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