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slightly obsessed…vintage fans

I have a small (but growing) collection of vintage electric fans. I actually use mine to fill the space above my cabinets in my kitchen. I would love to have a whole cluttered collection of them up there so I am always on the look out for them. Here are some photos of my tiny collection so far…the “little giant” is my favorite!




Flea markets & thrift stores are always a good place to look for them, although now-a-days they usually get picked up pretty quickly. Etsy has a nice selection of them, here are some from Etsy’s vintage section to get you obsessed as well…(I would gladly add any/all of these to my collection!)


from left to right
1. vintage dominion | shop: 22 bay road
2. 1950’s westinghouse | shop: vetera
3. vintage zero | shop: sugarlilly vintage
4. vintage aquamarine table fan | shop: rubies are forever
5. vintage 1950’s fan | shop: artyfatz
6. vintage freshn’d aire | shop: all the best vintage
7. westinghouse large fan | shop: jersey ice cream co.
8. vintage tickle me pink fan | rubies are forever

here are some other things I am slightly obsessed with…vintage alarm clocks, polaroid cameras & heather grey! Happy Thursday! I love how holidays on a Monday always make the week go by so fast! ♥


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